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Bianca was turning 15 on Sunday and her mom was away interstate on business for a week as usual, probably fucking that lawyer down in Florida that daddy knew nothing about Bianca guessed. Bianca was tempted to tell daddy about it but thought it best not to intervene. She suspected that her parents had not had sex for months and she thought her daddy had been looking at her in an unusual way of late.

Her daddy was a very handsome dark haired spunk that her girlfriends tried to flirt with all the time, even though he was 42. He was captain of the surf club and went to the gym several times a week as well as being the managing partner of a successful law firm. Bianca was a stunning young woman of voluptuous proportions. She had entered puberty early at 12 and now, on the eve of her fifteenth birthday stood 5 foot 7 inches tall with long wavy honey blonde hair, a handsome rather than cute face, full natural lips and an athletic size 12 figure, (not one of those skinny stick insects), but a real woman’s figure that bore testimony to her prowess as a representative hockey player. Her enticing figure was capped by full, firm, luscious breasts, barely contained by her DD bras. Bianca had begun masturbating regularly at the age of 10 and at the age of 13 she had discovered her mother’s motorised 6-inch rubber dildo.
Almost a year ago Bianca had accidentally broken her hymen during an especially torrid masturbation session and gradually over the past few months had worked up to fully consuming that vibrating black rubber cock in her hungry young pussy. Now she was hungry for a real cock, her father’s. She had seen him half erect one morning a few weeks ago as he made his way to the bathroom. Bianca had marvelled at the length, thickness and beauty of her father’s uncircumcised olive-pink cock with its huge mushroom- like head poking enticingly out of his foreskin. Even since then she has been masturbating to the vision of her father’s cock, knowing that it was not getting the pussy it so deserved. Three weeks ago Bianca had discovered a pair of her panties in the laundry basket and they were soaked with a huge load of warm cum, her daddy’s! He must have wanked off into them just before she got home from school.
Ever since Bianca has wondered whether her daddy was fantasising about her while he masturbated his lovely big cock. She has regularly checked the laundry basket every day since and almost every day has found a pair of her used panties soaked with semen, sometimes stiff and dry (indicating he had wanked off into them in the morning after she left for school) and sometimes still warm and wet (indicating that he had jacked off not long before). Bianca would always put those cum soaked panties to her nose and breathe in the aroma of her daddy’s male seed, wishing she had seen it spurting. She wanted that big daddy-cock real bad. It was Saturday morning and mom was still away. Bianca got up early and went to the kitchen in her short see- though nightie. She made fresh orange juice, coffee and toast with marmalade for herself and daddy and took it into his bedroom on a tray. Daddy was lying in bed half awake and sat up as Bianca entered. He had been lying there enjoying the extra lie-in of a Saturday morning and had been quietly stroking his cock around which he had wrapped a pair of Bianca’s light blue satin and lace panties which had extracted from the laundry basket last night in anticipation of his morning wank as he thought of what his underage daughter’s pussy must look like. He looked at Bianca as she walked from the door carrying the breakfast tray and had his first glimpse in years of his daughter’s tits and pussy. Although she was wearing a nightie it was almost totally transparent, providing a tempting but still partly censored view of her sexual organs. Her areolas were a large 2 inches in diameter and her nipples were thick, standing out proudly an her firm milky orbs. Between her thighs he could see a thick forest of dark brown, hiding her lips of heaven that he ached to see and touch. Bianca sat the breakfast tray on his bedside table, sat on his bed and lent over and kissed him lightly on his cheek. As she did so one of her breasts escaped her loose nightie, but it slid back in as she straightened.
Although his cock (still wrapped in her panties) had started to deflate upon her entry, it had reinvigorated with the vision of her nipples and thick bush and now this brief glimpse of her exposed left tit brought his huge cock to full erection again. "Morning daddy, I brought you some breaky," she said with a smile that bathed his soul in warmth and made his cock throb. "Thanks gorgeous" he said and lent over and gave her another kiss, this time lightly on her sweet full lips as he stole a quick look down the neck of her nightie to be rewarded with an all too brief uninterrupted view of her large suckable nipples. Bianca then surprised him by quickly slipping into bed beside him, her nightie riding up to her waist as she did so and he catching an unimpeded view of her huge hairy sex for an all too short 2 seconds before she pulled the sheet up. She then grabbed the tray and sat up in bed beside him chatting as they ate and drank. Her thigh was now naked to the waist and their naked thighs touched as they talked. His cock would not go down and it was lucky that the breakfast tray hid his massive erection. Bianca had noticed her father’s erection under the sheets when she entered the room. She had also thought she had caught a glimpse of light blue satin near her father’s groin as she lifted to enter the bed. By pretending to shift and get comfortable in the bed she had managed to briefly brush her thigh close to her father’s cock and had felt what was unmistakably the feel of satin. The sheets were cotton. Bianca was now sure that her daddy had her light blue panties (that she had taken off and put in the laundry basket last night) now wrapped around is erect man-cock. She saw her chance. Bianca picked up the now finished breakfast tray and placed it on the bedside table, then turned back and rested sitting up on the pillows with her father. "Daddy, you know that expensive black Armani dress I tried on at the mall with you last night, do you think you could buy it for my birthday?" she asked as she fluttered her eyes seductively at him.
"Oh baby, I don’t know. It is very expensive at $1,500." Bianca turned more toward him, purposely letting one shoulder strap of her nightie slide off. Daddy was mesmerised and briefly lost for words as Bianca’s nightie slid low on one side exposing her luscious right breast to his lustful gaze. He assumed Bianca was unaware of this and he was not about to tell her immediately as he enjoyed his lurid vision of her tit. "Oh, and daddy, what about that lovely black pearl necklace, could I have that too, with those black gorgeous Gucci shoes." He was momentarily brought back to reality as he realised Bianca was talking about a $4,000 outlay. Even though he could well afford it, it was much more than he had planned spending. "Oh baby, it is such a lot of money you know." Bianca looked at her father and smiled as she had a plan, a plan that would get her daddy’s cock and the expensive outfit. In a move that was smooth and deceptively fast she slid the sheets off the both of them. Her father was greeted to an uninterrupted full view of his daughter’s gloriously huge pubic bush and he was momentarily so entranced by that lovely vision of her hairy sex that he overlooked what he was exposing. Bianca gazed in a combination of satisfaction, amusement and lust at her father’s huge erect throbbing cock. It was half hidden by her blue satin panties that were wrapped around the gorgeous thick subject of her desire, but his cock-head was expose and pre-cum was oozing profusely and a dark stain showed where it had even soaked into her panties. "Oh daddy, daddy, what are you doing, you’ve got my panties around your dick?" Her father was immobilised by a combination of embarrassment and fear. Despite the shock of the situation his cock refused to deflate as he was still exposed to the luscious vision of his daughter’s right tit and hairy box.
Bianca reached over and placed her hand around his pantie-covered cock and that huge cock started to throb powerfully almost immediately. "Is this for me daddy... am I who you think about as you masturbate daddy... buy me the outfit daddy and you can fulfill all your desires daddy … you can have everything daddy... I will let you do everything you’ve wanted to do daddy... and I will not tell mom." He was totally stunned at first and then shocked and then, within seconds, his cock, his lust, took over. "Oh baby, baby, I want to fuck you so bad. You can have it all baby, just let me have this morning of sex with you and everything you want is yours." Little did he know it, but Bianca wanted more than just one morning of daddy-sex, she wanted him to have her all the time … and she was going to make certain she did. In fact, she knew he was going to be her "sex-slave." "Okay daddy, do it …do it to me now, for as long as you want, mom will not be home till late tonight." He groaned and threw the rest of the sheets off and pulled her to him. His mouth met hers and she opened her lips to receive his tongue. Their mouths meshed in wet passion as tongues caressed and they tasted each other. Bianca felt her pussy lips expanding with arousal and could feel that she was exceedingly wet and ready for her father’s massive cock to invade her. He pushed himself up on his arms and postioned himself over her with his thighs now wedged between hers. He looked down in lust and ripped her nightie off, tearing it in two with the urgency of his desire to have an unfettered view of both of her heaving tits. He fell upon her right tit and suckled on it, then he fell upon her left tit and suckled, all the time fondling, grabbing and sucking. He slid down and fell upon her hairy sex. He smoothed a path through her forest and found her wet pink lips of heaven, all glistening with her juices and engorged by her arousal.
Her clit was large and erect like a little cock about 2 inches long. He sucked it, kissed it and stuck his tongue into her... he tasted her, she tasted divine … her suckled on her clit and cunt lips like a man possessed. He was possessed, possessed of an insatiable desire to ravage his till 14 years old daughter. Bianca spread her thighs and cried out; "Stick it into me Daddy … stick your fat daddy-cock into me now." He slid up her firm yielding body and positioned his monster cock at the entrance to the tunnel of heavenly pleasure … his daughter’s cunt. She looked down with awe and lust to see and feel that huge daddy-cock throbbing and caressing her slit and clit. "DO IT DADDY! DO IT! DO IT TO ME! FUCK YOUR COCK INTO ME! INTO MEEEEE!!" He lunged and thrust and 8 fat throbbing inches of incestuous daddy-cock slid into her … into her warm wet pulsing daughter cunt. "Oh daddy, daddy I love it your cock is lovely sex is lovely, fuck me hard daddy! Fuck me all day long daddy!" Their joint arousal was so high that both were already on the cusp of orgasm. "Gonna cum baby... can’t stop it baby... have to pull out... have to pull out as I’m about to cum." Bianca grabbed his arse firmly with both hands, his hard smooth muscular thrusting arse and cried out; "Cum in me daddy! Cum in me daddy! Fill me with daddy cream now! Fill me all up! FILL ME UP WITH SPUNK DADDY!! LOTS OF DADDY-SPUNK!! COME ON, DO IT TO ME!!" It was too much. He could not resist, despite the fear of impregnating his 15 year old daughter. His cock was in control.
He let out a primal cry and groaned and thrust into her powerfully, trying to get all his cock and balls into her cunt. The first thick rope of cream came surging out like a fire hose full of spunk. She felt it. "Oh yes daddeeee... my daddy is spurting sperm into me... make a baby in me daddy... make a baby." He grunted and rooted her like a stallion possessed as he discharged spurt after thick spurt of creamy sperm. His huge ball sack carried a massive amount of sperm. Bianca counted 15 thick spurts of spunk, apart from his generous post-spurt oozing; his creamy discharge went on for over a minute. She got pregnant that weekend. Bianca’s mother cancelled her return home on Saturday night and came home Monday morning. By then Bianca and daddy had fucked 12 times and he had unloaded litres of creamy sperm into her fertile cunt.