We Did It All The Time


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This is a story about a night of fun and frolic from a very very long time ago. In a heat of passion my husband would want me to tell him stories of my sexual exploits from when I was in high school. I was not the goodie goodie I portrayed. He would tape us making love. We were listening to these tapes and one hot story I told him was of a guy I use to date. I told him how good a fuck he was and that we fucked all the time. So I thought I would share this story with you with all of the details. Let me set the scene for you.

My boyfriend, we will call him Jim; was a medium built guy with dark hair. He was a lot of fun and treated with me respect. I really liked him a lot. One summer night and many many nights we would drive around in his car to secluded places out in the woods. It would be dark out and the weather would be warm. I would be dressed in a halter top with very short shorts. I am 5'6", small build about 103 lbs with measurements of 34 B bust, 22 waist and 33 hips. I have long blonde hair with big brown eyes. Jim loved to kiss. He was always kissing my ears and then he would move down my neck then on to my nipples. He loved my nipples. With his tongue he would circle it around my nipple, then put his mouth around it and suck and pull away. That was a great sensation.
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Whenever he would do that, it made my pussy throb and I would have to touch myself. I love to touch myself and I'll get to that later. This particular night Jim was kissing my nipples, and while he was doing that he'd put his hands up my shorts and lightly touched my wet burning pussy. He was always amazed at how wet my pussy was. I told him I wanted to play with my pussy while he watched. He thought that was so hot. So I removed my shorts and panties and laid down on the car seat with my back up against the door. My legs were up on the seat so my pussy was totally exposed.

He was facing me with his back up against the driver door. He unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper and slid his pants off of one leg and then slid his pants down the other leg. He dick was hard and swollen and standing straight like a rocket that is ready to blast into open air. I love watching guys stroke their dicks when they are hard and I love it more when they know I am watching. He strocked his dick lightly as he didn't want to cum yet. I watched him play with his dick and his balls. He took his hand under his balls and rubbed his ass. That got me hot.
While he was playing with his dick I pulled my halter-top over my head, exposing my 34 B's and very erect nipples. My pussy was so wet, it was swollen with lust. I touched my clit and it got harder and more swollen with every touch. I rested my head back on the window and moaned while touching and caressing myself. The cum juices were oozing out of my pussy. Jim had a small flashlight with him and he shined it on my pussy while I was fucking myself with my fingers. His dick was getting harder by the minute as he was watching me getting off. I didn't want to cum yet but I needed more. I needed something wet on my pussy besides my fingers. I asked him if he would eat me. I wanted him to run his beautiful slim tongue up and down on my clit and stick it in my pussy hole.
He put down the flashlight and I lay down with my back on the seat. I pulled up by legs and pulled my ass up so he could have access to my pussy and my ass. He touched my ass while he was licking my pussy. When he did that my pussy just flowed with cum juices. He touched me very lightly as if to tease me, so the sensations would last longer and I would continue to cum for him. I would played with my tits and my nipples got harder and harder the more excited I got. He ran his tongue up and down my clit, making me moan, just very lightly. I begged him to do it harder, but he would not as he loved to tease and watch me moan. I was able to run my fingers around his tongue while he was lapping up the juices on my pussy. That was hot. I also ran my fingers around my ass hole for a sensation that made me sing with pleasure.
Then I ran my fingers up and down his hard dick. I grabbed on to it and held it in my hand, squeezing it in pulses. That made him crazy. Next he put me down and sat back on the seat. I got down and positioned myself on the floor between his legs, facing his hard dick. I put my mouth around his dick and slowly went down on him. While I did that I held his balls gently in my hand and lightly squeezed them, as I went slowly up and down sucking his dick and running my tongue around the head. Then I just lightly ran my teeth around the head as if to bite him but controlling every instinct NOT to bite. Then I went up and down on his dick faster and faster until he told me that he was about to cum, then I stopped. I then licked his balls until he was ready to continue.
Then he handed me a rubber. I opened it and gave it back to him to put on his dick. I loved watching him touch himself. He pulled hid dick out to make it longer and then rolled the rubber down his long sexy shaft. While watching him do this my pussy was wet and creaming with lust. He did this very slowly because he knew how bad I wanted to be on top of him. He knew how hot and creamy my pussy was getting. I really wanted it bad. Since he was teasing me, I wanted to tease him back.
So I slowly got up and slowly sat on top of him. My pussy was so big and ready it just swallowed him up inside me. Then I thought how great this feels. It made my flower open and cum juices pour from my pussey down his shaft. His hard cock began thrusting inside of me. I bounced up and down on him, while playing with my clit. It was so big I just rubbed it and rubbed it to climax. Just as I climaxed I could feel it so deep deep inside me. It felt really good. Then he couldn't stand it anymore and he had to cum.
When he came his dick got so big and so hard it filled every inch of my pussy. I thought it was going to explode. He pumped his dick in me as far as he could go until he came. He came so hard I thought he would break the rubber. His heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to come thru his chest. . Cum was pumping inside my pussy, while he was thrusting hard and pumping pumping me. I came and I wanted more,
"harder, harder," I yelled, "I want your dick, don't stop. Feel the juices coming out of my pussy." "Touch my clit", I said.
Oh it felt so good. He took some of that cum and put it on his fingers and licked them. Then he gave me a kiss. I could taste the cum on his tongue and lips. We said nothing. We just layed there holding each other. My bare breasts against his chest, just hugging and kissing. He kissed me and we hugged and sat there for a very long time until we decided we had to go. He took off the rubber, tossed it out the window and we took off for home. Many of our love making sessions were like this. Mostly on the weekends, and always in the car. Sometimes on a blanket somewhere in the woods. He loved to watch me and I loved to watch him. That is why we used to love to fuck each other.